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  • Fred Chevry’s Recovery Days: The Blueprint to Sustainable High-Volume Training

    Fred Chevry’s Recovery Days: The Blueprint to Sustainable High-Volume Training

    Training intensity is just one side of the fitness coin. The often-underestimated aspect is recovery, and for athletes like Fred Chevry, it's a holistic routine. While his training sessions can range from two to six days a week based on his body's responsiveness, his recovery days are structured meticulously. Combining infrared sauna sessions, cold plunges, stretching, foam rolling, and more, Fred ensures his body recuperates effectively. Consistent nutrition, regardless of the intensity of the day, further supports his regime. The commitment to both training and recovery emphasizes the importance of a balanced approach to physical wellness.
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  • The Razor Advanced Coaching with Fred Chevry

    Empower Your Fitness with The Razor’s Advanced Coaching

    Unlock a transformative fitness journey tailored uniquely for you with Advanced Coaching with Fred Chevry. Beyond generic workouts, this service crafts a personal fitness narrative resonating with your aspirations. Whether it's toning muscles, sculpting a six-pack, or gaining sheer strength, we design paths for tangible results. Experience one-on-one mentorship with Musclemania™ National Champion, Fred Chevry, and redefine your physique. Start with a personalized consultation and witness your aspirations take flight
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  • Unveiling Juston: The Razor's New Head Coach

    Unveiling Juston: The Razor's New Head Coach

    Discover the multifaceted expertise of Juston, The Razor's new Head Coach and leader of the Virtual Personal Training. From his athletic background and science-driven approach to coaching to his unique philosophy on fitness, learn how Juston is making an impact in the fitness industry.

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  • Whey Protein Powder Isolate vs Complex

    The Power of Whey: Complex vs. Isolate

    Delving into the dynamics of Whey Protein – from Complex to Isolate. Discover how The Razor Whey Protein skillfully marries the best of both worlds for optimal health benefits.
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