The Razor's Edge: The Fred Chevry Story

The Razor's Edge: The Fred Chevry Story

Getting Acquainted with Fred Chevry: Natural Bodybuilding Pro & Fitness Mentor

Fred Chevry isn't just any natural bodybuilder; he is a seasoned champion with a weightlifting journey spanning over two decades. If that's not impressive enough, factor in his extensive experience of over ten years training clients. Having someone of such prowess at The Razor ensures clients are in good hands and on the right trajectory totheir goals.

Fred Chevry head coach at The Razor

Fred Chevry Unveiled: Athlete Extraordinaire & Lead Coach at The Razor

For those who may recognize his former nickname "The Razor," connecting the dots to the founder of the Virtual Personal Training service established in 2013 is simple. But it's always good to delve deeper. By knowing more about the person guiding you on your fitness expedition, you can be more certain of your decision – a choice that Fred promises will be transformative.

Take this chance to truly understand the man behind the mentor, so that your trust is based on more than just our endorsement.

Journey to Stardom: Before the Bodybuilding Success

The Fred Chevry we see today – a business maven and a triumphant bodybuilder – wasn’t born overnight. His past reveals a journey filled with challenges and detours.

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Originating from eastern Canada, Fred’s earlier years were relatively uneventful. His aspirations to join the police force were derailed due to labor strikes during his time, which led him to revisit his affection for weightlifting as a potential career. This change in direction, although fraught with obstacles, steered him to his current status.

Launching his personal training business in Canada, Fred soon recognized a bigger potential in the U.S. Transitioning wasn’t easy; it meant restarting from scratch. But Fred's unwavering "Go Big or Go Home, no back-up plans" philosophy drove him forward, teaching us that the road to success often includes its fair share of pitfalls.

Fred Chevry head coach at The Razor


Virtual Personal Training: Bridging Distances and Touching Lives

Moving to the U.S. necessitated a re-imagining of Fred's business approach. The transformation not only aligned better with his changing lifestyle but also expanded his reach. His renewed model allowed him to assist a larger audience, thanks to the location flexibility and optimized time management it offered.

But change is rarely smooth sailing. Despite the teething problems, this shift allowed Fred to design his ideal life, enabling him to provide comprehensive support to his clients, transcending the limits of traditional training sessions.

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Life, however, had more tests in store for Fred, as you'll discover below.

Fred's Personal Fitness Battles

Being a fitness mentor doesn’t shield one from personal challenges. After relocating to the U.S., balancing multiple jobs and reconstructing his training platform began to weigh on Fred's personal fitness goals. Yet, he persevered. But 2019 brought a double whammy – contracting dengue fever during a Thai vacation and facing subsequent illnesses, all culminating in the global pandemic lock-downs.

While many may have succumbed to despair in such circumstances, Fred used them as motivation. Using TRX, a disciplined diet, and his expansive knowledge, he formulated a precise plan to bounce back, proving that challenges are just stepping stones when approached with determination.

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If you're ever in doubt about embarking on a fitness journey, remember Fred's words: "I've yet to encounter someone who lamented over becoming fit, unless they went about it recklessly.”

Fred Chevry head coach at The Razor

Proven Expertise: Results-Driven Coaching by Fred

While Fred's personal journey is admirable, as potential clients, you're rightfully curious about his success with others. Over a decade in the industry has allowed him to refine his coaching, recognizing the individual needs of clients, anticipating challenges, and helping them navigate potential pitfalls.

Any achiever will affirm that significant accomplishments require support. Don't waste time stumbling when you can soar with the right guidance.

Experience the Transformation Firsthand

If you've made it this far, chances are you're pondering, "How can I begin?" All you need to do is click here. Embarking on this transformative journey with Fred and his team ensures that with the right effort, success is nearly inevitable.

Bid farewell to those days of second-guessing and uncertainty. With Fred, you’re not just getting an upgrade; you’re essentially switching from a basic car to a jet, set on a direct route to the finest version of yourself.

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