Women With Lipedema Exercising

How Exercise Can Help with Lipedema Fat Loss

Women With Lipedema Exercising

Lipedema is a struggle that you know all too well. And sadly, there’s no known method to cure it outright. However, that doesn’t mean that the battle is lost. Lipedema, as you’ll be familiar with, is defined as an abnormal build-up of fat around the legs and arms. While this is a grievance to be sure, it isn’t something that can’t be fought back against. As with any fat, exercise can help with Lipedema fat. It can be burned, and you can regain your healthy and happy shape anew. It will be harder for you than it is for others, but it is by no means impossible. Come, and I’ll show you how I’ve done it before, and how it can be done again.

So Just How Does One Begin the Counterattack on Lipedema?

This could be summarized as “the same as most other weight loss”, but that glosses over some important details. Lipedema poses a challenge that most cannot relate to. It requires a much more rigorous effort to push back against it. The principles might be the same, but the process itself is much more difficult than the average person would know.

But we can’t let that get you down. Since you’re reading this, I’d wager you’re not letting it get you down either. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and while this tests your willpower quite powerfully it can 100% be overcome. Freedom from Lipedema’s BS is well within your reach, and today I’m going to show you how to achieve it.

Stages of Lipedema in Women

Understanding What Exactly Lipedema is and Entails

Lipedema is a condition, found primarily in women, that results in the enlargement of both legs (and occasionally arms) due to deposits of fat under the skin. Lipedema can be found in individuals of any weight, and the fat deposits produced by it are resistant (but not immune) to traditional weight loss methods. The cause isn’t precisely known, but a general consensus exists that it seems to be related to one’s hormonal balance, and has a genetic component given its hereditary status. While cases in men are possible, they are rare, while up to 11% of women are estimated to be affected to some degree, and sadly, a definitive cure has yet to be found.

Now, what does this entail for you, the person looking to fight back? It means that a lifestyle change is necessary. Given that no definitive cure is available, the results that you can and will achieve will have to be maintained. Exercise can Help with Lipedema, but it’s only the start.

Lipedema poses a permanent encumbrance; while that may not be the most hope-inducing reality, it must be stated bluntly. Anything shy of the truth will skew you, however slightly, in the wrong direction. Before you can fix something, you’ve got to understand and accept it as it is.

Objects Symbolically Representing Diet & Exercise

How Diet & Exercise Induced Fat Loss are the Open Secret to Fighting Back

So now that we’re done hiding from reality, we actually have a clear picture of what we’re up against. Let’s discuss action; and how exercise can help with Lipedema.

The action suggested by most is either a surgical or pharmaceutical approach, if they even encourage action at all. Given its stubborn nature, many state that losing Lipedema fat is impossible, and preach acceptance instead. A stance that should be ignored, as there’s no need to settle when is in fact possible. Even medical professionals will often support this claim, but we must remember that these are health specialists. If there’s a more straightforward approach that doesn’t depend on the patient’s discipline (i.e. surgery or medication), they’ll opt for that instead, as it inevitably has a higher success rate. They’re not doing anything wrong, they’re just playing the numbers, as they should.

As mentioned above, though, Lipedema-related fat deposits are resistant to traditional weight loss methods, but not invulnerable. And this distinction is extremely important, because it marks the difference between an arduous task, and an impossible one. If you’re willing to put in the work & discipline, then there’s no reason why you can’t get it done.

That discipline will be essential though; these fat deposits are the last to go, meaning one oftentimes has to lose substantially more weight than the average person would in order to burn through them. With the proper approach, mindset, patience, and most importantly, overall grit, it will shed as any other fat would. While some have to merely mow the lawn, your case requires cutting down an oak for a comparable result. It’s not fair, but it’s possible. And that’s all we need to get it done.

Woman Exercising and Living a Healthy Lifestyle

The Second Half of the Battle: Keeping that Lipedema Fat at Bay

Actually getting the fat off, though, is only half the battle. Your body is going to be working against you, constantly padding those deposits back up, much to your chagrin. That doesn’t mean things have to be a struggle, though, just an active effort. Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle, and by rebuilding it from the ground up, you can not only keep the results strong, but the progress coming in steady.

This means dietary adjustments, reduction of alcohol consumption, incorporation of a consistent exercise regime, etc. This all sounds like a lot, yes, but you know the best part? By the time you reach this point, you’ll already be there. The only point we’re making here is that there is no temporary change to get you out of the rut. No “three-month Bootcamp” nor “90-day challenge” that you can pump out and reap the benefits of forever. Your body will reflect your current way of life, so if you want it to stay a certain way, you’ve got to keep that lifestyle up to match.

That said, maintenance is much less demanding than progress. It’s easier to polish a statue each day than it is to mold the initial clay. The habits we’re alluding to here will have been built along the course of your journey, all you have to do is make sure that, in winding them down to something sustainable long-term, you don’t gain too much backward momentum and fall into old habits.

This will be a new you. A happier and healthier version of yourself, the fruits of the labor you’ll be putting in to get there. But within that same fruit analogy, the garden from which you reaped them, now planted, still needs constant attention. Take good care of it.

Before and After of a Client Who used Exercise to Fight Lipedema

My Experience Helping Clients Use Exercise & Fat Loss to Defeat Lipedema

I’m aware that these are some mighty claims; foregoing your doctor’s (blanket policy) advice, and taking the hard way which many say won’t work at all? It sounds ludicrous. But don’t worry, I’ve got the proof to back these statements up. People who Fred Chevry himself has helped turn things around, decisively defeating their Lipedema in a way they didn’t think was possible.

The picture above this very heading illustrates the journey undertaken by one of Fred’s clients, who approached him interested in his weight-loss services, but concerned that her condition may prove an insurmountable hurdle. After an analysis of the situation, Fred concluded that there should be no reason for things to be any different aside from requiring slightly more elbow grease to get the job done. And boy did they get it done.

Over the course of her time working with Fred she lost upward of 50 lbs, finally freeing her of Lipedema’s insistent grip. But it doesn’t stop there. Her sister, also suffering from Lipedema, and enticed by her sibling’s progress, hopped on board and embarked on a successful transformation of her own, which in turn prompted their mother to do (and achieve) the same!

What can we deduct from this? First and foremost, we can see that it’s possible. But almost more importantly, we see that this wasn’t a one-off fluke. A reliable result was achieved through tried and true methods, the likes of which can be reached by anyone wiling to put in the same amount of work that these women did. Once you accept what can be done, whether you like that reality or not, is when you can finally begin to do something about it.

A Coach Guiding a Client

What to Do if You’re Unsure of How to Proceed Yourself

As exciting as it seems that exercise can help with Lipedema, I understand that the prospect of taking responsibility for your problems doesn’t come easy. Not because we blatantly admit to shirking them, but rather because it’s easier to take comfort in victimhood. “It’s genetic, I can’t control it”, “I was born with this, it’s not fair” and the essence of it all, “It’s not my fault”. And it’s not, it’s not your fault at all. But it is your responsibility, and if you want to change for the better, you’ll have to accept that in order to begin making a change.

My clients had been struggling with this for quite some time, and more than once seemingly gave up hope before finding me and embarking on this path. I know it can seem like banging your head against the wall, all your efforts unrewarded because they weren’t focused in the right direction. But there’s no need for it to be that way. Exercise can help with Lipedema, and I’d love to show you how.

If you’re ready to rid yourself of this burden and begin moving towards a better you, then start today. Not on Monday, not after the holidays, or whatever else appeals as a potential “can-kick” date. Today. And if you don’t know where to start, feel free to reach out and ask any questions you feel may be needed to get the ball rolling for you. Let it all start now.

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