The Razor 8-Week Suspension Training (3-Day)

Suspension Training (3-Day)

Autora Fred Chevry

Program Overview:

Welcome to the 8-Week Suspension Training Program, another exclusive feature for our esteemed Virtual Personal Training members! Crafted for individuals seeking a total body transformation, this program challenges you to utilize your body weight as the ultimate fitness tool.

What You Can Expect:

With a day-on, day-off schedule, this program offers three distinct workouts targeting push/anterior chain, pull/posterior chain, and legs. Designed to be both challenging and fun, this program focuses on the versatility of suspension training to engage multiple muscle groups, improving your strength and flexibility.


Weeks 1-4: The initial four weeks serve as an introduction to suspension training, emphasizing proper form and technique while gradually increasing the intensity of your workouts.

Weeks 5-8: The last four weeks will see a ramp-up in complexity and intensity, preparing you for the transformation you've been striving for.

Key Highlights:

  • Versatility to work out anywhere with suspension equipment
  • Alternating focus on push/anterior chain, pull/posterior chain, and legs
  • Dynamic and engaging workouts
  • Fully incorporated into your VPT calendar for ease of tracking
  • Progressively designed to maximize body transformation

How To Use:

After you've opted for this program, it's as simple as opening The Razor app and navigating to your pre-loaded calendar. Each week's schedule is meticulously planned out. Should you have any questions or need further guidance, our certified trainers are just a tap away.

Included in Your Membership:

Yes, you read that correctly—the 8-Week Suspension Training Program is a part of your Virtual Personal Training membership at no extra cost. It's our way of acknowledging your dedication to achieving your fitness goals.

Embark on a transformative fitness journey today with this dynamic, effective program. Happy training!

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