8-Week 10k Run Training Plan (4-Day)

10k Run Training Plan (4-Day)

Autora Fred Chevry

Program Overview:

Welcome to the 8-Week 10k Run Training Plan, an exclusive offering for our Virtual Personal Training members! Tailored for those with an active lifestyle or previous running experience, this plan is perfect for anyone looking to up their running game and tackle a 10k run.

What You Can Expect:

This program blends consistency and adaptability to create an efficient running routine for you. You'll begin with three runs a week, and by the end of the 8 weeks, you'll be doing four runs weekly. Each running day starts with a brisk 5-minute walk to set the pace, followed by a run that varies in distance to gradually build your stamina.


Weeks 1-4: Focus on getting back into the running routine. Speed isn't the goal here; consistency is.

Weeks 5-8: As you get more comfortable, the program ramps up to four running days per week, prepping you for the 10k run in the final week.

Key Highlights:

  • No need for a running track; treadmill or outdoor runs work
  • Starting each run with a brisk 5-minute walk
  • Adaptive schedule with room for extra rest days
  • Easily integrated into your VPT calendar
  • Progressively intensifies for optimum readiness

How To Use:

Once you've selected this program, simply open The Razor app and navigate to the calendar where this program is pre-loaded. Follow the schedule, and you're on your way! Each week is outlined in detail and if you have questions or need further guidance, our certified trainers are available at your convenience.

Included in Your Membership:

That's right—this 8-Week 10k Run Training Plan is fully included in your membership. No hidden costs, no extra fees. We appreciate your commitment to Virtual Personal Training and want to help you succeed in your running goals.

Start your road to the 10k milestone today with this versatile, effective program. Happy running!

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