60-Min Beginner Full Gym (4-Day)

60-Min Beginner Full Gym (4-Day)

Autora Fred Chevry

Program Overview:

Welcome to the 12-Week, 60-Min Beginner Full Gym Program, exclusively crafted for our Virtual Personal Training (VPT) members with access to a full gym setup. This program is your stepping stone into the world of fitness, perfectly tailored for beginners eager to set a strong foundation.

What You Can Expect:

Operating on a four-day split, this program is methodically structured to focus on different muscle groups each day. You'll engage with a well-rounded approach that covers chest, shoulders, back, legs, and abs. The 60-minute workouts, although designed for beginners, are far from simplistic; they offer a moderate but compelling level of intensity, sure to kick-start your fitness journey.


  • Steady Demand: This program starts off demanding but maintains a consistent level of challenge throughout the 12 weeks. There's no gradual ease-in; instead, expect workouts designed to push your boundaries right from day one, even as a beginner.

  • Balanced Intensity: There isn't a focus on periodization, keeping the rep range generally between 8-12. The absence of overly complicated variables ensures that you can concentrate on mastering the basics while still making considerable gains.

Key Highlights:

  • Four-day split with a focus on comprehensive muscle group engagement
  • Balanced training ideal for beginners
  • Consistent 8-12 rep range for each exercise
  • Easily integrates into your VPT calendar

How To Use:

To get started, simply open the VPT app and go to your calendar where the program will be pre-loaded for your convenience. Each exercise is complemented by a detailed video tutorial to ensure you’re executing each movement with proper form. If you have any questions or need extra guidance, our certified trainers are just a click away.

Included in Your Membership:

Yes, you read that right! This comprehensive 12-week beginner program is entirely included in your VPT membership at no extra cost. Your pathway to initiating a strong, balanced fitness routine begins here.

Get Started!

Ready to start your fitness journey with a reliable, well-balanced program? Click to get this program now (Virtual Personal Training members only). Not a VPT member yet? Click Here to claim your free month!

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