The Razor Head Coach Fred Chevry with Male Client in Montreal Gym

Reconnecting with Quebec's Fitness Legacy: The Razor's Tribute to Mont

Autora Fred Chevry


Montreal: The Heartbeat of Bodybuilding and Our Ambitions

Over a decade ago, Montreal's vibrant streets shaped The Razor's foundational ethos. Beyond its famed history and cultural landmarks, Montreal proudly hosts the birthplace of the International Federation of Bodybuilding. This institution set the stage for fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Here, in this electric atmosphere, I was molded into a professional bodybuilder. It's also where I embarked on my first personal training journey.

The Razor's head coach Fred Chevry with Montreal Client

From Personal Triumphs in Montreal to Founding Pure Physiques

Montreal's embrace of fitness didn't stop at bodybuilding. Drawing inspiration from the city's wave of natural fitness, 2013 witnessed the inception of Pure Physiques. Centered around drug free fitness, we championed a vision that resonated with Montreal's ethos. Our commitment wasn't just to fitness; it was to a lifestyle that Montreal had long celebrated.

Quebec City: Embracing Outdoor Fitness and Winter Weightlifting

If Montreal is the heartbeat of bodybuilding, Quebec City is the soul of outdoor sports. The city's inhabitants have a penchant for outdoor activities, embracing the picturesque landscapes through hiking, skiing, and more. However, Quebec's harsh winters often drive its fitness enthusiasts indoors. But the spirit remains undeterred. Weightlifting becomes the sport of choice during these colder months, transforming the city's gyms into bustling hubs of energy and determination.

Pure Physiques clothing back in the early days of the business

The Razor's Quebec City Connection

Our story with Quebec City is intrinsically tied to its vibrant fitness culture. Our clientele here has mirrored the city's passion, from summer sports enthusiasts to dedicated winter weightlifters. Clients like Renaud, Guillaume, Shawn, Leonardo, and Danny have consistently showcased the city's unwavering commitment to fitness. The amalgamation of outdoor sports culture and winter weightlifting uniquely positions Quebec City as a pivotal player in our growth journey.

Rekindling Ties and Fostering Growth in Both Cities

Venturing back to both Montreal and Quebec City is about more than business expansion. It's about recognizing the importance of these cities in shaping our past, present, and future. As we promote The Razor's innovative products and services, we're also looking to deepen our roots by connecting with various health and fitness local specialists, engage with our loyal clientele, and pay homage to the regions that have continuously inspired and supported us.

To the cherished communities of Montreal and Quebec City: we're here with gratitude and a vision for the future. As we traverse the paths that saw our beginnings, we're also looking ahead, keen to craft new chapters of success and collaboration.

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