The Peptide Sermorelin

Is Sermorelin a Scam?

The Peptide Sermorelin

Seems too good to be true, but we assure you, the answer to “Is Sermorelin a Scam?” is a flat no. Sermorelin is a peptide, a class of substances long studied and comprehended, and a particularly safe one among them. As with anything, there’s depth we must appreciate and nuance we must come to understand. What I can tell you off the bat are two things: A) it is safe. And B) It can prove an excellent tool in your toolbox when it comes to building the new you.

Peptides (,amongst which we find Sermorelin, as mentioned above,) aren’t anything new. Having recently made waves in the fitness industry as a next-level supplement, they beyond what you’d scoop up at GNC. They also fall short of things like SARMs and Anabolic Steroids. Thanks to this, your “Natty Card” is safe also.

Peptides hit that sweet spot in terms of yield while also avoiding any significant compromises to health and safety, allowing for a more balanced approach, and serving as that extra boost for someone looking to accelerate their progress toward a more athletic physique rather than those with bodybuilding aspirations.

So if it is legit, then how exactly does it work?

A Vial of Sermorelin

What is Sermorelin, And How Is It Not a Scam?

First, let’s start with an actual description. Sermorelin Acetate, commonly abbreviated to Sermorelin, is a peptide analog (meaning of similar molecular structure and function) of GHRH i.e. growth hormone-releasing hormone. While often used as a diagnostic agent to assess a patient’s growth hormone secretion in order to possibly diagnose growth hormone deficiency, it also has its use of inciting greater GH secretion levels for the sake of improving a number of factors beneficial to the athletic process, such as overall performance in terms of strength and resistance, recovery, tissue growth, and nutrient partitioning (which leads to lesser levels of fat retention).

Why is it not a scam? Because again, while this may sound too good to be true, it’s not. Murphy’s law is more of a social phenomenon and doesn’t really factor into something backed by empirical evidence. Sermorelin is long established, and its effects and subsequent benefits are confirmed through numerous peer-reviewed studies.

Furthermore, the most amazing part is that the compound it replicates, HGH, while more potent, is also vastly more expensive. HGH averages $1000-$1500 a month, while Sermorelin provides an output similar in potency for a less than $10 a day.

That comes up to barely a few hundred a month, with full doctoral supervision, an unbeatable price point for the benefits you’ll gain by incorporating it.

Injection Being Prepped

How is Sermorelin Used?

Now that we know the what, it’s time to contemplate the how.

As mentioned above, Sermorelin’s medical use is to treat growth hormone deficiencies, often for cases in which HGH itself isn’t viable (can be anything from a personal incompatibility to financial constraints).

For our goals, though, we’d be incorporating Sermorelin as an addition to your current supplement stack, adding that extra kick to boost you past your current plateau and accelerate your path toward the physique you yearn for. Given this objective, here are a few potential dosing protocols that’ll serve as educational examples of how Sermorelin is typically administered:

  • Minimalist– Dosing below saturation* levels pre-bed ie: ~50mcg
  • Pre-bed Saturation– 100mcg as opposed to the aforementioned ~50mcg. Results in better overall health, recovery, and well-being. This is a solid general anti-aging protocol.
  • Pre-bed & Post Workout Saturation Dose– PWO serves protein metabolism well and increases protein synthesis. Twice-a-day saturation doses have increased recovery, contribution to anabolism, injury healing, better well-being, and serious anti-aging properties.
  • Pre-bed, PWO, and Morning Saturation Doses– The morning dose, when fasted, engages the release of fatty acids which can be burned off for energy during activity. Three saturation doses per day further increase anabolism and decrease catabolism. Local growth factors will rise including systemic IGF-1, but within physiological levels, resulting in no enhanced health dangers, and no abnormal organ or structural growth.
*A saturation dose is defined as 1mcg/kg of body weight or 100mcg, the latter being the most commonly used. Some minority of people have sleep interruption rather than better sleep from pre-bed dosing. Often a move to the smoother Ipamorelin will remedy this. If not, moving the pre-bed dose to the morning often does.

These are, again, examples, serving for educational purposes only, as we’re looking to illustrate what proper administration of the peptide in question would look like. Please consult with an educated professional before commencing a regime.

Dog Getting STACKED on Sermorelin

Cost vs Benefits of Sermorelin Use

As exciting as this all seems, you shouldn’t make a choice like this without weighing the risk & reward, pros & cons, costs & benefits against each other.

Thankfully, in this case, while it is always paramount to do so, things are nice and gracefully clean-cut. Below I’ve laid out a table in which we can compare the two lists:

Costs Benefits
Monthly expense of ~$300 Body Composition Improvements
Minority chance (<1%) of side effects Denser Bone Composition
Greater Neuromuscular Efficiency
Better Join Health
Higher Exercise Performance
Reduced Cardiac Risk
Faster and More Efficient Metabolism
Reduction in Skin Thickness
Stronger Immune Function
Bolstered Libido
Overall Quality of Life Increase

As you can see, that’s quite a few empty rows in the “Costs” column; the list is pretty clear cut, and when laid out in this way it seems almost like a no-brainer.

This, however, is a general overview, and one should always both take into account individual factors that may (and most likely will) skew them from the norm, as well as ideally consult with a medical professional before commencing any sort of pharmaceutical regime.

As safe as Sermorelin has proven to be over the decades, everything from Opiates to Penicillin to Ibuprofen demands a degree of caution and respect lest we veer from proper use.

Group of Young, Fit Gym Goers

Prime Candidates for Sermorelin

After the what and the how, we arrive and the who and the when. Who should consider incorporating Sermorelin into their regime, and when should they do so?

In cases of human growth hormone deficiency, Sermorelin is most commonly prescribed to youth who’s development would be impacted without it. These are closely followed by middle and advanced-age individuals, often swapping spots on the “leaderboard” depending on the country.

Outside of a strictly medical use profile, however, the intent of which is just bringing an individual back to a healthy baseline, we find the cases that we’re looking for.

One of the most common use profiles for enhancement purposes can be found in younger individuals. These often being athletes looking for an edge (big ethical no-no, but one that is not easily prevented); some even as young as high school age. The most prevalent, however, is adult men and women from 30-60 years old, with a male-to-female ratio of 6:2.

What does this tell us? It tells us that no one is excluded from the benefits to be had by incorporating Sermorelin into your regime, be they young or old, men or woman, and believe it or not, fit or unfit. Whether you’re just starting out, or deep in the game, Sermorelin is going to benefit you all the same. Just as whether you’ve got $20.000 in your bank account, or $200.000, a few extra grand never hurt.

Doctor Holding a Vial

Avoiding Misuse

Finally, with all this new information about an exciting new supplemental compound to boost your performance and bolster your progress, comes both hope and concern. While not an outright anabolic steroid or endocrine-suppressive substance, it’s no creatine either, and demands a degree of knowledgeability. This can come from pouring hours into meticulous study in order to better understand and apply the compound in question, or, it can come from the oversight of an experienced professional. Should the latter sound of appeal, someone to assuage your worries and handle all the ins and outs so that you can focus on making progress and continuing to grow, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Fred Chevry, professional natural bodybuilder and MuscleMania champion, with two decades of training experience and over a decade of experience with clientele, can guide you on this path and make sure that every step, every leap, and every bound is maximized, allowing you to learn from his mistakes, and avoid your own, circumventing every setback and breezing past every hurdle, bringing you to a better version of yourself than you would’ve otherwise achieved, and faster than your would’ve otherwise gotten there. Click here, and take the first step down that path, coming that much closer to the best version of you.

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