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AJ's Remarkable Fitness Transformation for a Modeling Competition

Author Fred Chevry

AJ's Weight Loss Transformation with Virtual Personal Training

AJ, a client from New York State, came to our Virtual Personal Training service with a specific goal in mind: to lose weight quickly for a fitness modeling competition. Despite the short notice, AJ was committed to his goal and followed his customized plan carefully.


Before joining our coaching service, AJ had struggled to find a program that worked for him. He had a background in fitness, but had never competed and wasn't sure how to optimize his workouts and nutrition for his upcoming competition. He also lacked proper accountability and support, which he found through our coaching service.

Customized Plan and Accountability

Through regular communication with our team, AJ was able to stay on track and work hard towards his goal. Our team provided him with a customized plan that included both workout and nutrition components tailored to his specific needs and goals. AJ was also held accountable through monthly check-ins with our team to track his progress and make adjustments as needed.

Hard Work and Dedication

AJ's positive attitude and hard work paid off, as he ended up losing close to 50lbs and took first place in the competition. His transformation is a testament to the effectiveness of our Virtual Personal Training program and the power of dedication and hard work in achieving fitness goals.

Ongoing Support and Long-Term Goals

At our coaching service, our programs are updated monthly and are ongoing. Progress is measured through a variety of markers such as weight, strength, compliance to workout and nutrition plans, body fat, resting heart rate, progress pictures, sleep, and more. Clients always have a long-term date and weight goal, either in weight loss or weight gain, and monthly milestones to reach. As clients continue to work with us, their programs become increasingly personalized to their specific needs and goals.

Customized Programs for Different Fitness Levels and Equipment

Our coaching service offers programs for a variety of fitness levels and equipment, including gym equipment, suspension training, home gyms, and body weight exercises. We also tailor cardio activities to our clients' preferences and goals, incorporating various machines, sports, and outdoor activities as needed.

Personalized Meal and Workout Plans

We understand that every client is unique and has specific needs and preferences when it comes to nutrition and workouts. That's why we craft personalized meal and workout plans based on each client's allergies, food preferences, schedule, religious exemptions, equipment availability, workout frequency, and body proportions.

Access to Support and Community

In addition to customized plans and ongoing support, our clients also have access to a group chat with other members, featuring personal records beaten, contests, workouts completed, weight goals achieved, support from our team, and frequent tips and tricks. Our clients can also message their coach directly and have monthly live video coaching calls to address any questions or concerns.

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