Unveiling Juston: The Razor's New Head Coach

Unveiling Juston: The Razor's New Head Coach

Who is Juston? An Athlete and a Scholar in Fitness

Juston is a rare commodity in the industry: an athlete and an academic in the realm of fitness. With a history deeply rooted in sports science and exercise physiology, he embodies a unique blend of athletic prowess and scientific understanding. Raised in Spain, Juston discovered his calling for fitness at an early age. While most teenagers at 16 are figuring out their favorite video games or television shows, he was diving deep into sports sciences and exercise physiology.

Fred Chevry, founder of The Razor, sums it up:

"Juston is the guy I always wanted to hire, but couldn't afford such expertise in the early days of the business. I have great appreciation for how versatile and hyper-specialized he is at the same time. In the same conversation, he'll be able to educate you on strength training periodization, stretching for pregnant women, and cutting-edge peptides no one else knows about."

The Athletic Endeavors

When it comes to being an athlete, Juston is not just about the looks or the brawn. He lives the lifestyle. His athletic mindset is not only evident in how he performs but also in how he inspires others to perform. This is a man who overcame childhood asthma through kinesiology and fitness, transforming his limitations into strengths.

The Meeting that Changed It All

A chance meeting at a Miami Beach gym turned into a lifelong friendship and a successful partnership with Fred Chevry. Both driven by their passion for fitness and the science behind it, it was inevitable that Juston would one day become the Head Coach at The Razor.

A Penchant for Writing: The Blogger Times

Before taking up the reins at The Razor, Juston was already sharing his valuable insights through blogs. His well-researched articles ranged from intricate biochemical processes affecting muscle growth to the role of psychology in fitness success. His transition from a blogger to a head coach only confirms his versatility and the depth of his knowledge.

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Q&A With Juston: The Heart of His Philosophy

Head Coach at The Razor Juston T
What is your training philosophy?

Whatever works best; that seems obvious when stated so simply, but you'd be surprised how often people let themselves get comfortable doing the wrong thing. Approaching fitness with a problem solving mentality will help achieve the best results." as shown in What Would Happen If You Trained Your Shoulders For 21 Days Straight?


What sets you apart from other trainers?

"A constant questioning of what I know and desire to improve upon it, as well as zero desire for anything that isn't results oriented. Too often you see trainers stubbornly rooted in their ways, or overly focused on flashy, feel-good practices that yield no tangible results. "

Do you have any tips for someone just starting on their fitness journey?

"Shape your goals in the right way; your body is a reflection of your lifestyle, and no temporary change is going to bring on lasting results. If you want to look a certain way, you have to first live a certain way, and your image will reflect that."

What's one fitness product that you swear by, and why?

"Pre-workout. Seems a tad obvious, but that's kind of the reason why; caffeine (or any stimulant for that matter) will help push through moments where you otherwise quite literally would not have had it in you. That, plus the incorporation of nootropics and pump agents, can bridge the gap for most people to get into fitness that would've otherwise lacked the "oomph", as well as keeping them on track when things falter."

Where do you see the fitness industry going in the next 5-10 years?

"This may be a little pessimistic, but given the state of social media and the rise of shorter and shorter form content, I see the industry continuing to dilute in terms of quality when it comes to content, which in turn is all that most people are exposed to. That's why services like these are so important in my opinion, as they allow for proper education rather than needing to be molded for the algorithms sake."

The Coach You Can Rely On

As the Head Coach of Virtual Personal Training, he is not just a figurehead. His day-to-day responsibilities include answering clients' queries, adapting training and diet programs on the fly, and maintaining a high standard of coaching that The Razor is known for.

One of the major features that differentiates our service from competition is the unlimited access to a fitness professional. Juston is always at your disposition, whether you're looking for someone to give you casual advice on how to keep your weight under control during the Holidays, or break down the intricate differences between various pre-workout powders.

Master of Many: Versatility in Coaching

In an industry teeming with specialists, Juston stands out as a unique blend of a generalist and a specialist, a master of multiple fitness disciplines. With a solid foundation in Sports Sciences and Exercise Physiology, complemented by numerous personal training certifications, he continually updates his knowledge base to stay at the forefront of fitness science and methodology. This dedication to continuous learning enables him to cater to a diverse array of fitness goals, whether you're focused on bodybuilding, functional fitness, or specialized nutrition plans.

Juston's versatility is his signature trait, elevating him from a conventional personal trainer to a comprehensive wellness coach. He's not just a jack of all trades but a master of many, adept at tailoring diverse training and nutrition strategies to individual needs. This multifaceted expertise make him a one-stop solution for clients seeking a well-rounded, effective, and enriching fitness journey.

The Road Ahead: A Sneak Peek into the Future

Juston Head Coach at The Razor

Juston believes the fitness industry may dilute in terms of quality content due to the rise of shorter-form content on social media. However, this is precisely why services like The Razor's Virtual Personal Training are essential. They provide in-depth, science-based coaching in a world increasingly reliant on quick fixes.

"This embodies the spirit of The Razor, as we firmly believe that it is our duty to evolve with the times to meet our members most profound needs. Our world is increasingly connected and this brings new challenges year after year. The careful selection of team members who share this philosophy is critical to our operations." - Fred Chevry

Final Thoughts

In the words of Juston, if you are just starting your fitness journey, remember that "your body is a reflection of your lifestyle, and no temporary change is going to bring lasting results." He is excited to work with new and existing clients and promises, "Alongside me and everything else The Razor has to offer, you will not only reach new heights but also reach them sooner than you could've imagined."

By delving into science, staying ahead in the industry, and remaining committed to his clients' successes, Juston sets the gold standard for what a modern, well-rounded fitness coach should be.

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